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ON MY SOAPBOX: Pleasures of the Jersey Shore are Timeless

Sherry Wolkoff's granddaughter, Maxie Mandel, at the beach

The author's granddaughter, Maxie Mandel, at about two years old, playing with the author's 35-year-old bucket.

While sitting by the ocean on one of our many hot summer days, I observed how timeless is the pursuit of pleasure at the Jersey shore.

Children enjoy playing in the exact same manner that I did as a child. Toddlers alternately run towards and away from the waves that crash at their feet, while laughing and shrieking. Equipped with brightly colored pails and shovels, their older brothers and sisters spend hours happily digging in the wet sand, carting endless buckets of water back and forth from the water’s edge to create their castles and other architectural splendors. Those buckets and shovels, which were metal when I was a child; are now made of plastic…but provide just as much fun. Seagulls, sand crabs, and ice cream men are pursued unmercifully by this age group. Continue reading